Elizabeth is an excellent lawyer

Elizabeth is an excellent lawyer — and a very kind and caring professional.
My husband and I had a trust that was nearly ten years old, and we tried to update it, but we never found the right person to help us. After my husband died, I knew I had to have that trust revised for my family.
My good luck led me to Elizabeth.
Besides her knowledge of trusts, wills, and related issues, Elizabeth is patient and understanding. She took care of all the details related to my husband’s death, updated our trust, helped me develop a new will, and provided a wealth of accompanying information and materials. From the beginning, everything was clearly explained.
Elizabeth is an outstanding listener. She understood the dynamics of our family and gently offered advice that helped me make some important decisions.
Although planning for an event you cannot attend could be depressing, Elizabeth makes sure it isn’t. She helps you finish the process with a big book about your life that has detailed plans for your family. These are not just directions, but notes and forms and lists to help the people you love most. when they need it the most. Your family will thank you!

Susan Tidyman

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