Giving Back

In the “looking at the community as a whole” approach that I take, I work with a few organizations that I feel strongly about to share my time and talents in the furtherance of their wonderful work.

Children’s Interview Center

A Safe Place For Kids To Tell Their Story
The Children’s Interview Center of Contra Costa, a program of Community
Violence Solutions, provides a variety of specialized services to children who
have been sexually abused and their non-offending family members. Services
provided include child forensic interviews, non-acute medical examinations,
advocacy services, and parent education. The primary goals of the Children’s
Interview Center (CIC) are to:

  • provide a safe, child-friendly place where children who allege sexual abuse
    can have a standardized forensic interview
  • improve the collection of evidence
  • reduce the trauma experienced by the child by decreasing the need for
    multiple interviews by various agencies.

The Team
The Team at the CIC is comprised of a social worker, police detective, deputy
district attorney, and a child victim advocate. Team members participate in an
interview by observing through a one-way mirror, and by communicating through
a listening device in the interviewer’s ear. This team approach ensures that each
agency gets the unique information it needs while minimizing further interviews
and further trauma.

They provide a safe, child-friendly environment for forensic child interviews
(child sexual assault allegations). The interviews are conducted in a standardized
format and are digitally recorded for submission to the Contra Costa County
District Attorney. This program is lead by Community Violence Solutions but is a
collaborative of multiple agencies including CCC Employment and Human
Services Department, Sheriff, District Attorney, Law Enforcement agencies
throughout the county and Police Chiefs’ Association.

Sponsorship and Support
The Children’s Interview Center is a collaborative effort among the Contra Costa
County Employment and Human Services Department, Health Services
Department, District Attorney’s Office, Sheriff’s Department, county law
enforcement agencies, and Community Violence Solutions. Additional members
of the Advisory Committee include Public Health Nursing, Community Care
Licensing, and the Contra Costa County Counsel.

For more on CIC, visit: Children’s Interview Center of Contra Costa

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Diabetes Youth Families (DYF)

The mission of the Diabetes Youth Families is to improve the quality of life for children, teens and families affected by diabetes. The Foundation provides education and recreation within a supportive community, encouraging personal growth, knowledge and independence. I have worked with DYF since 2009.

For more on DYF, visit:



Dogs for Diabetics, Inc. (D4D) is a California 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation. Their mission, simply stated, includes the following three elements:

  • Developing, promoting and advocating standards of quality, performance, support and disclosure for all medical assistance dog teams;
  • Training, partnering, and supporting dogs and clients to reduce the risks associated with diabetes; and,
  • Evaluating, researching, and monitoring our dogs and clients to continuously improve processes and outcomes.

In carrying out this mission, D4D is transforming the lives of its clients and the daily management of their diabetes with the assistance of these wonderful medical alert assistance dogs.

I join the diabetic community in hoping for a cure of this disease; however, D4D’s purpose is to support diabetics, 24 hours a day – 7 days a week, to improve their lives today.

For more information, visit:


Friends of the Danville Library

The Friends of the Danville Library is a nonprofit volunteer organization established in 1958 to provide our local library with books and materials that would not otherwise be available. The Friends also sponsor adult, children’s and teen programs. Funds are raised through memberships, donations, the Friends Bookstore, quarterly book sales [which I run] and online at

A membership in the Friends of the Danville Library brings benefits to you as well as your library. Members receive The Friendly News – a publication with information about library events. Friends also enjoy discounts at several participating merchants and early admission to the large quarterly book sales on Friday morning, before the sale is open to the public.

Friends of the Danville Library is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization and contributions are tax deductible as allowed by law. I have worked with FODL since 1998.

For more on Friends of the Danville Library, visit:


ALRP Legal Referral Panel

I have done volunteer tax and estate planning work for the terminally ill since 1993.

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