The following testimonials have come from a variety of previous clients who care to share their experience in working with Johnson Law Firm.

… relentlessly efficient and effective.

Five Star Review

Elizabeth has prepared comprehensive estate planning documents for both me and my mother and I would recommend her to anyone that hasn’t yet addressed their estate planning needs. Elizabeth insists that her clients fully understand their current financial situation, their options moving forward, and the ramifications of their potential action or inaction when it comes to their financial future and the future of their family. She is both caring and kind as well as relentlessly efficient and effective. She will explain concepts to you as many times as you need them explained in order to fully understand them. I cannot say enough positive things about Elizabeth’s commitment to her job and to the wellbeing of her clients. Thank you, Elizabeth!


I will recommend Elizabeth in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to get their living trust done …

Five Star Review

We just got our living estate trust done from Elizabeth and I cannot Thank her enough !

Firstly – she is flexible and can come over to your place ( even on weekends if needed). This was important for us as we have two very young kids.

Secondly, she is very knowledgeable and pro-active to get her stuff done quickly. She does not do it on time, she does it before her promised deadline and gives you enough time to look over important details.

Third is the signing and the notary is also flexible to come over and both of them have done this long enough to make this as efficient and quick. It was over before we knew it.

I will recommend Elizabeth in a heartbeat to anyone who wants to get their living trust done in the Tri-Valley/Danville/Walnut Creek area.

Vikas T.

Thoughtful and Thorough!

Five Star Review

I had a wonderful experience with Elizabeth as she guided me through the estate planning process. She spoke plainly and understandably, and was very sensitive to my perspective. I learned a great deal from Elizabeth throughout the process. She was very much in charge of the turnkey operation, handling all the details required to produce a professional and thorough final product. I highly recommend her, and will not hesitate to call on her should I need legal services in the future. On top of her professionalism and expertise, she is quite fun! She possesses a quick wit and has made the whole process fun.


An absolute true professional!!!

Five Star Review

In a word, Elizabeth Johnson is AMAZING!!!! She is a true professional. She is thorough, knowledgeable, patient, kind and compassionate. Elizabeth has a wonderful “bedside manner.” I recommend her to everyone. She is the one lawyer everyone needs to know.

Chuck Miller

Thank you sooo… much Elizabeth!

Five Star Review

Here’s what happened:
My husband died. We were together for 36 years. He was 61 years old. It was a fantastic marriage.
One day he was just fine, and the next day our world was turned upside down with doctors and hospitals. Exactly six months later he was gone.

Enter Elizabeth.
She did everything for me. The whole package. Everything is covered and organized. No probate. And I don’t have to worry about my daughter having to worry about going to court for anything regarding my estate during her grieving. Thanks to Elizabeth, everything is covered, organized, and should easily be managed. Seeing her in action, it’s good knowing she has our backs. She’s funny and caring, which helped with the whole process. I was not looking forward to even dealing with this. She took control, made sure I got what I required. She has a big heart. She’s powerful, so look out. I’m very, very happy.

Thank you sooo… much Elizabeth!


… did a phenomenal and amazingly thorough job in the incredibly short time frame available …

Five Star Review

At the eleventh hour of a commercial real estate transaction, I suddenly and very urgently needed to have a new trust created.  Elizabeth came to the rescue despite it being a weekend and did a phenomenal and amazingly thorough job in the incredibly short time frame available.  Her professionalism and expertise is unparalleled, and she is invariably a true pleasure with which to work.



Five Star Review

Elizabeth Johnson is an expert in her field. She is extremely knowledgeable about trusts and wills,as well as other estate planning issues. I was tremendously impressed with her communication skills. This is a sensitive area and having a clear discussion about the pros and cons of each contract is invaluable. I am happy to recommend her to my friends and colleagues.

Neal Berry

Elizabeth has done an excellent job…

Five Star Review

Elizabeth has done an excellent job with her work on my case. She has been extremely knowledgable and helpful. She has done a great job keeping me informed and educated thoughout the process. I reccomend Elizabeth to anyone who is looking for a quality professional.

RJ McCuskey

Thank You

Five Star Review

Thank you Attorney At Law Elizabeth Johnson for all your time, energy, and help. You are down to earth, you kept everything simple and clear. As my way to thank you, I already sent you several referrals and continue to be your ambassador to make sure that all buyers that I work with talk with Ms. Johnson about state planning.

Louis Montalvo

… highly efficient but is honest, quick and has a delightful sense of humor.

Five Star Review

Elizabeth Johnson is not only highly efficient but is honest, quick and has a delightful sense of humor. After hiring her to handle my mother’s final estate and the dizzying details that my job as Executor demanded, and then set up a Special Needs Trust for my nephew, she offered to take a look at our Family Trust which had been set up almost 20 years ago by our financial advisor. She pointed out many aspects that were either not in our interest or legally had changed over time. She worked with us at length to clearly explain each section and made sure we fully understood everything we signed. What blew me away is the additional parts besides the typical Living Trust ( with Instructions to Trustee and Certification of Trust), Pour-Over Will, Advance Directives ( with HIPPA Authorizations), Power of Attorney-Assets, there is a Final Arrangements ( with Death Certificate info), Special Instructions to the successor Trustee, Password List for accessing online accounts, Insurance Policies, Property Agreements, Business Agreements, current Financial Assets ( with beneficiary designation), liabilities, Personal and Family History and finally the whole shebang on a Flashdrive! We can now die knowing that our successor Trustee has everything they need in one place! What a gift to that person at a time when you want them to stress free. Elizabeth also offers to make herself available to help the successor if needed. Not only all that – Elizabeth has heart and I now include her as a friend. DO NOT HESITATE TO ENGAGE HER SERVICES – you will not regret it.

Orlena Lackenbauer

… experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, …

Five Star Review

Elizabeth Johnson, Estate Planning Attorney at Law in Danville, has over 20 years of experience. She is a breath of fresh air. She is not only experienced, knowledgeable, dedicated, but also really cares about people. In addition to her professional work, she also serves the community by volunteering her valuable time raising funds for various non-profit organizations. Elizabeth has such a welcoming presence with her bright smile. I am honored to have her in my professional and personal life.

Jane Treber Macken

Unparalleled understanding of this field of law

Five Star Review

Unparalleled understanding of this field of law, Elizabeth is top notch in fully grasping the needs of the client in managing their estate planning and probate legal issues. I’ve been practicing for over 38 years and I have not met anyone more capable in this area of law. I unequivocally recommend Elizabeth for all of your estate planning needs.

Arlene Kock

Confidence ~ Professional ~ Peace of Mind

Five Star Review

Relying on Elizabeth Johnson’s expertise and services for the past 19 years has made me a firm believer that with her knowledge of the law, and persistence in finding out the facts, she has represented me to the fullest!
…Elizabeth has always been very easy to talk to and is very thorough in making sure you understand what is “going on” before moving on to the next step… She has always been “available” for questions, or just to “lend an ear”…She takes pride with what she does and will do what is necessary to make sure details of a case have been brought forth and heard, so the law will be executed fairly…
…Elizabeth Johnson has served me in both business and family needs, and will continue to do so if her services are needed in the future!
…I can proudly say she serves as MY attorney!


One of the Best

Five Star Review

I have known Ms. Johnson for more than 20 years and I have found her to be competent and a pleasure to work with and good people.


Consistently Excellent Legal Counsel

Five Star Review

I have used Elizabeth for over 18 years in various situations including estate planning and employment related issues. She has consistently provided very wise, appropriate and knowledgeable council in areas of her expertise or guided me to others with the appropriate knowledge. I have recommended her to various friends, relatives and associates. She provides legal advice and representation with compassion and understanding well beyond the average counselor. She earns and deserves my business.


Perfect Job on My Estate Planning Documents

Five Star Review

Elizabeth has guided me expertly in preparing a new Will and Advance Health Care Directives. She explained everything and has a splendid system for keeping the documents in perfect order for her client’s use. She was endlessly patient in explaining the function of each documents and its effect on the other documents relating to my Estate. I recommend her very highly. Thanks, Eliz!


Best Lawyer Experience

Five Star Review

Eliz was wonderful to work with in every way. Extremely professional, knowledgeable on all levels, always had great advice, kept me in the loop and moving forward. I will gladly work with her any time I need a great lawyer!



Five Star Review

I have known Elizabeth for 30+ years and she has advised me through some difficult times with integrity, professionalism, and compassion. She recently helped me with an advance health care directive. Her knowledge and experience helped me get through the process quickly and make the decisions I needed to make to protect myself and my family. If you are looking for an experienced, professional attorney who knows her stuff but also has a very compassionate and human side, Elizabeth is the attorney for you. She is passionate about helping other people and caring for other people. I would definitely recommend her!


Highly recommended and Very Knowledgeable

Five Star Review

Eliz kept me informed about my case .She would always return my calls in a timely manner. Eliz made sure that all of my concerns were addressed. Her wealth of knowledge and experience made the difference in court, and I believe is the reason I won my case.

an Estate Planning client

She’s the greatest!

Five Star Review

I recommend Elizabeth highly. She kept me from procrastinating, was knowledgeable and very thorough in her explanations and completion of the paperwork. In short, she’s the greatest and I recommend her and will continue to use her whenever possible.


Compassionate, Caring, Professional

Five Star Review

Elizabeth walked us through the emotional process of setting up a will and other necessary documents, providing protection for our child for the future. She prepared all the documents needed and set them all up to be easily manageable for the future. Without her, we still would not have gone through this process.

a Wills client

estate planning beginning to now

Five Star Review

Elizabeth brought us thru the estate planning process from beginning to completion. she competently answered our every question, offered us viable options and alternatives. she was flexible with appointments, being available nights or weekends since we both work full-time.
Her presentation of the materials was professional and timely, following up when she hadn’t heard back from us. She easily communicates thru all channels (in person, voice and email).
We are very pleased with the final product and know she will be available to us as updates are required.


Easy to work with, friendly and honest

Five Star Review

Elizabeth did an excellent job of explaining the Estate Planning and Power of Attorney process and all the available options to me. Her friendly demeanor, objectivity, attention to detail and ability to translate and break down complicated legal terms made her easy to work with. I can’t recommend her enough or honestly think of anyone else I’d rather have representing my interests.



Five Star Review

Attorney Johnson is helped me with quite a few questions regarding estate and probate law. She is extremely knowledgeable, as well as extremely personable and caring, your not just another client! Thank you Attorney Johnson.

Eliz C A Johnson’s response:“Nick, I was glad to be able to help you. Thank you for your kind words.”



Five Star Review

My recent contact with Atty. Eliz C A Johnson proved to be more than I expected. Her willingness, experience & character showed itself immediately. Her consultation left me with the feeling that she truly was giving back to the community all her experience and hard work. A real easy person to confide in and always took the time to answer each of my questions. A classy attorney with panache’…what a pleasure.

Paul G.

Very informative and highly recommended………

Five Star Review

Eliz C A Johnson was very helpful and displayed a sincere interest in helping me with my estate litigation case. Her personal comments added a special comforting touch to our communication.
I would highly recommend her to anyone in need of her services.
Thank you Ms Johnson.


Professional And Caring Lawyer

Five Star Review

She is very helpful and I can tell she cares about peoples problems.

a Trusts client

Skilled Lawyer

Five Star Review

We went from being anxious, unknowledgeable clients, to having our wills and trust done in what we believe are record time.
Ms. Johnson knew all the questions to ask to help us along the way, and taught us so much. She provided thorough timely responses to our questions, kept in constant communication with us, understood our need to make changes and provided an overall completely professional service.
We are thrilled and feel much more comfortable knowing we have taken care of our legal responsibilities for our family.


Outstanding, Caring Individual

Five Star Review

Ms. Johnson was very professional doing my estate planning. She took her time to answer our questions. She gave advice when needed. Our understanding was her priority. I would recommend her to anyone needing to do estate planning.

an Estate Planning client

Someone to trust…

Five Star Review

Eliz. has been a friend for many years. I hadn’t needed a lawyer and she never pushed. But when I said I needed help she was there and took care of everything while educating me. She helped me see how important what I needed to do was. And what would happen if I hadn’t have taken care of the issue. I have also suggested her to others who have become clients and they were thrilled with all aspects of her work.

a Health Care client


Five Star Review

In my professional career as a CEO I have worked with many many lawyers. None match the competence,compassion, and communication skills of Elizabeth. She assisted me and my wife in redrafting Wills, Trusts, Advance Directives and related documents.Outstanding ability to make complex legal matters understandable. Outstanding ability to listen to the client and craft instruments specific to our desires and needs rather than use legal boilerplate.


Kind, Caring, Knowledgeable and Professional. The only choice for my family.

Five Star Review

Ms. Johnson is not just an excellent attorney, she is a great person as well. She came highly recommended from a friend in another field and she is everything I needed. She answered all my questions about preparing for my death and posed many thought provoking questions of her own. Her professionalism and candor is highly appreciated. She considered the difficulties in my case and we worked to find agreeable solutions. I have recommended her to a my friends because her compassion is very important when considering final arrangements. I know that I am now legally safe and taken care of in a way I could not have handled on my own. Her willingness to listen and understand the uniqueness of my situation ( I have a rescue dog sanctuary as well as show dogs) made the entire process much easier. I cannot say enough good things about her character and willingness to help me when I really needed her.


Efficient, Knowledgeable, Comprehensive

Five Star Review

Elizabeth is great to work with. She kept us well informed every step of the way, and she took it upon herself to keep us educated about the process and to keep everything moving along. I was impressed with her updates and level of communication. She is very thorough and comprehensive. I know my money was well spent considering how fast she completed our trust, and how completely she covered every issue. I heartily recommend working with her. She prides herself on developing an ongoing relationship, not just a fee for service attorney.


Elizabeth is the best of the best

Five Star Review

We used Elizabeth to review our estate plans with us and redo a whole packet that consisted of a Will, Durable Power of Attorney, Advanced Healthcare Directives, Revocable trust and all related materials. Not only is she an extremely knowledgeable subject matter expert, she explains things in a way that makes it easy for folks like us to understand. I would highly recommend Elizabeth and will continue to use her myself in the future.


Excellent personalized service

Five Star Review

When I needed specific personalized guidance for my estate and potential long-term care arrangements, I turned to Eliz CA Johnson. She replied with numerous well-considered options and helped me to understand the ramification of each one. Eliz sought the best solutions for my particular situation and then helped me establish my arrangements accordingly. I have continued to review and update my documents to keep them timely, accurate, and correct. I am very impressed with her diligence and professionalism. She follows up on every detail. I heartily recommend Eliz CA Johnson.


Estate attorney services

Five Star Review

Elizabeth helped me and my spouse with our estate planning in the most professional, timely, knowledgable and friendly way possible. Even though this was done as pro bono work we never had any inkling that she was treating us as anything other than valued clients. She kept us on schedule, explained the process and provided a complete and thorough product we felt very good about. I would recommend Elizabeth without hesitation.


The best experience ever

Five Star Review

My husband and I wanted to re-write our entire Trust as it was entirely out of date. All I could remember was my experience the first time several years ago and I kept putting it off. We finally had to get it done and had the best experience ever with Elizabeth. She explained everything thoroughly and gave visual graphics. Each step was laid out in a manner that I could understand. All possible scenarios were discussed with us, helping us to make decisions. At the end we were given a concise, well organized portfolio binder, that was set up for us to easily update as time goes by. We not only feel confident that our assets have been protected per our wishes, we also know our successor Trustee’s are protected and that they will have her to guide them when the time comes.
We recommend Eliz C A Johnson.


Tireless, Totally Talented Trust Advisor

Five Star Review

It has been said that asking for help from a lawyer can be equated to tooth extraction minus the novacaine.
Most fortunately, our experience with Elizabeth Johnson of Johnson Estate Planning has been quite the opposite. Ms Johnson listened to our needs and concerns, helped us evaluate our situation, and, at all times, was warm, knowledgeable, and the consummate professional. We are grateful for her expertise in handling every legal situation for which we have needed her. Most recently, she has updated and provided us with a comprehensive restatement of the “A——n Family Trust” which originated in 1998. Both the depth of her legal judgment and the scope of her patience were put to full use on our behalf.


estate planning

Five Star Review

Elizabeth assisted us with our estate planning and our experience was extremely positive. We found Elizabeth both knowledgeable and professional in all areas of the planning process. She was insightful in her suggestions for our needs and innovative in her ideas for what would be the best plan for us. She keeps us posted with tax and law updates that may effect us adversely. We look forward to continuing to receive her advice for many years in the future.

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